28 October 2014

Just a Few More Pumpkin Photos

I know; you've read one pumpkin patch post, you've read them all.  BUT these pictures make me laugh, and that means they must be recorded here. For posterity, of course. 

David always wants me to take pictures of him jumping off things to make it look like he's flying.

We do this every time we're at a pumpkin patch with a straw pyramid, or really, anywhere outdoors where there's something tall. It seems I've taken 100s of these pictures over the years.  It will be neat to see him still doing this when he's 90.

But check out Christian this year!  How nice to see a time honored tradition carry on to the next generation.
little cutie pie

This particular visit was at the beginning of the month when the weather was still summer-like.  I wore a scarf because it was October and that's what you're supposed to wear in October, but in reality we were all SO hot.  Bathing suits would have been more weather-appropriate.  (But super weird.)


gramma came, too!

Aaannnndd...that's a wrap on pumpkin patch season 2014.  We'll see you in a year. 

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