09 February 2010

Bug Walk

David was in court all day long yesterday, leaving Daphne and I to our own fun.

We played outside a bunch with the doggies, because this makes Daphne very happy.

She wants to be down with the dogs so badly, but she is a bit hesitant about dirt. I liked that when she was crawling around she would stop and move tiny sticks out of her way.

Speaking of crawling, she's adopted something new and very strange. I call it her bug crawl.


GrammaR said...

I believe her mother would rather lay in a mud puddle after falling rather than putting her hands in the mud to get back up.

Kim said...

Cracks me up how the dogs keep licking her face. I hope our dogs love the baby that much! And for that matter I hope that the baby loves the dogs!

Anonymous said...

nice crawl! haha!

really daph, move tiny sticks? they won't hurt you ;)

Emily said...

That's awesome! Ellie keeps "standing" on her hands and toes lately. Maybe she'll adopt the same walk. Oh, and I love that Daphne simply does the splits to get into a sitting position. She's flexible!