13 February 2010

A Bunch of Random

*Fun thing I learned today: if you want to burn some calories and decide to drive to a cute part of town to walk through a beautiful neighborhood with lots of hills, neglect to pay attention to where you parked your car. I can guarantee you will end up walking for a very, very long time and therefore burn many more calories than you expected.

*Sometimes Daphne looks really funny. I have lots of pictures to prove it.

*She also has a new fascination with doors. Cupboard doors, doorway doors, it doesn't matter. Doors are fun.

*I've been feeling super crafty lately. Daphne is becoming the recipient of my many projects, one being sewing hats and sticking huge flowers on them. I love practicing on her.

*Crazy things have been happening for David at work, but things seem to be getting better (as long as you don't watch the news). Gag order has been lifted so he can finally tell the real story. Again, don't be watching the news.

*Daphne is sleeping; I'm going to go sew something clean the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

That photo of Lola and Daph is SO cute! It looks like Lola is holding Daphne...and sitting and staring at the door.

hmm...super curious...too bad the news isn't on.

GrandpaR said...

She is going to fall over with those monster flowers on her head.