25 February 2010

A Christmas Miracle

David brought home a sickness the other day. Daphne and I set up our defenses and tried to stay strong, but the sickness has taken us both down. Daph seems to be getting along with just a runny nose and a sneeze. She's truckin' around the house like nothing is holding her back, so I don't think she feels too awful.

But here's the exciting part...and it is very, very exciting. Daphne went to sleep around 6 last night (normal bedtime) and didn't wake up until...wait for it...6:10 this morning! First time in 14 months of sleeping all night long! It is a Christmas miracle.

I expect that this is a complete fluke and only related to her being sick. I remember about a year ago a similar thing happened, which is why I know tonight things will go back to normal.

But at least now we know it can happen.

There is hope.


GrammaR said...

It was Gramma putting her to bed and rubbing her back. Should I come and do it again?

GrandpaR said...

It was grandpa getting down on the floor and playing with her.

GrammaR said...

Dream on Grandpa, you were asleep on the chaise (and I have the picture to prove it). The only help you might have been was showing her what she should be doing at night. However, Daphne didn't pay any attention to you as we were busy playing.

GrandpaR said...

I guess I mis-remembered.

I was setting a good example.