19 February 2010

Daphne Odora

As I'm out walking with Daphne this time of year I occasionally catch a whiff of the most wonderful scent. If David is with me I beat his arm and say, "smell that? Smell that? That's what a daphne smells like." I do the same thing with star jasmine. Yummy.

A few years ago I was reading a big article in the paper about all the different types of daphne plants. That's when I thought to myself that 'Daphne' would make an awfully cute name for a little girl. (No, I never thought about the Daphne in Scooby Doo. I don't think I ever really watched that show.)

David wasn't thrilled with it. There's another girl name that he likes in particular, but I remind you all that he was the one who saw her first after she was born and said the name Daphne fit her perfectly. And it's true, Daphne is an excellent name for her.

My daphne in the backyard looks like the dog ate it because that's essentially what has happened. It has a pathetic 5 1/2 or so flowers on it. Soon after Daphne was born, someone from church gave us a little daphne plant which I planted in the front yard far away from the dogs and it is doing wonderfully.

It is a welcome sign of spring when I can start clipping daphne flowers and bringing them indoors so that my house smells nice.

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Kings of the Road said...

Oooohhh I just love my daphne! It is HUGE this year. I anticipate it every year. And sometimes I don't want it to bloom because I don't want the anticipation to be over. I also think of your Daphne now when I walk by it. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm