18 February 2010

Field Trip

Today Daphne and I went up to Longview, WA to visit my friend Michelle and her little girl, Eliava. Longview seems so far away since it's in a whole different state and all, but it's really only 50 miles or something. Just a quick hop over the river. And can I mention what an amazing day today was? My car temperature gauge said it was 60, but I'm inclined to believe it was 80.

We went for a long walk and by the time we got back we were so warm we stripped the babies down and left the front door open so we could get a breeze going. Yep, it was 80.

Daphne had some troubles with recognizing personal boundaries with Eliava, as seen here:

And here:

And here.

Eliava was such a good sport, even when it looked like Daphne bit her on the head.


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Anonymous said...

Oh cute! Daph looks like she had fun. hopefully she will learn personal space eventually :)