01 March 2010

Reason #46 For Giving Your Pets Easy-To-Say Names

We didn't see the need to buy Daphne many birthday or Christmas gifts this year. She's 1 so she doesn't care. And she won't care for several more years, as an FYI for all of you. Give her an old wooden spoon from your kitchen next year; she'll love it. Spend your money on me instead.

Anyways, we decided to do just one keepsake item so that in future years we'll be able to say, "hey, we gave this to you for your 1st birthday! Treasure it always!" So a few days before her birthday we went to Build-A-Bear to let her pick out a critter for her very own.

After cruising around looking at all the options, David and I each chose an animal that we thought she would enjoy and then we let her pick between the two. She had the opportunity to choose between a rather charming, beautiful, fluffy and sparkly snow leopard or.... an owl. She chose the owl.

I know, I couldn't believe it either.

She really does like this owl. The other day she and I were playing on the floor with the owl and she started saying a word that sounded almost exactly like 'owl.' I was so excited that she officially had a stuffed animal that she loved so much she learned the word for it as one of her first words.

Later that same day we were outside playing and she was saying 'owl' over and over again. I was thinking that she really, really must love that owl!

But when I turned around I saw what Daphne was looking at, and now I know that she was really saying...

...Ellie, our cat, who does bear a remarkable resemblance to the stuffed owl.

Unfortunately Ellie is not much of a people cat. You have about a 5 minute window a day where she will tolerate you, and then she disappears and we don't see her again until mealtime. She's kind of weird.

But Daphne loves Ellie so much. So much so that she was willing to pass up the most beautiful sparkly snow leopard in the world for an owl that looks just like her kitty. So much so that she would really like to share Ellie's food.

So much so that right now as she's falling asleep in her bed she's saying Ellie's name over and over again.

Poor Lola.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh so cute! Poor Lola, but I am sure she is still loved. And maybe Ellie will become more of a people cat...

GrandpaR said...

Daffy really would love a "teacup pig"!

Cara Miller said...

Haha! At least you didn't make the same mistake we did--we named our dog Bunbury, and call him Bunny for short. Needless to say, that's led to some confusion over what a bunny says--sometimes they say "hop hop", and sometimes they say "woof!". =)