10 March 2010

Lots of Good Stuff

Good: Daphne continues to sleep well. She sleeps 11 1/2 hours straight every two out of three nights or so. I am super happy about this.

Bad: Sleeping through the night has evidently given her the energy to throw some major temper tantrums. Anytime something doesn't go her way she stiffens up and starts yelling, turning tomato red in the process. Who is this child??!

Good: Along with sleeping through the night, we've been able to tweak her sleep routine enough that she goes to bed a bit later. I like the freedom this gives us to not have to be home by 5. Party time for us! Plus, she sleeps in a bit more and I like getting up after the sun.

Good/Bad Combo: We're down to a one hour nap a day. This is good because I think switching from two naps down to one is part of the reason she is sleeping through the night. It's bad because I liked having two chunks of time in my day to do things like shower and cook food. Now I just have to move at lightening speed during that one hour nap to get as much done as humanly possible.

Good: Daphne seems to be adding a new word to her repertoire every day. Today she said "cracker" and "EIEIO." I realize that last one isn't really a word, but we were singing the Old McDonald song and so it seems like a word.

Bad: Daph loves throwing her food off of her high chair tray.

Good: She loves her stroller and continues to be a good shopping buddy.

Bad: Right at this minute the baby monitor is freaking out with loud bouts of static and I can't get it to stop.

Good: Daphne is cute.

More Good: Lola is soooo thrilled that Daphne lives with us.

Even More Good: Dance time gets more entertaining every day.

And Finally: I can sew a mean burp cloth. Daphne can only use so many burp cloths, so if you know anyone who produces a lot of snot and/or vomit let me know. I'm having the best time ever buying lots of pretty pieces of fabric and turning them into usable pieces of art.


Nutty Mom said...

HOW is that movement physically possible? OUCH! Very funny, she's such a comedian!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I know what we are working on when Kyle and I come up- learning that when the beaver song comes on to do the touchdown thing with her dance. And the O-S-U. Then she really will have moves! :)

Kendra said...

Ooooh, I have two spitty babies who love pretty burp cloths!!! I just love, love, love your blog. It always makes me smile and then I miss seeing you so often. If only there were something we could do about that...