07 March 2010

She Made the List

Did any of you have one of these hanging in your church while you were growing up?

I did, and I always liked looking at it. I feel like I even remember seeing my own name written on our chart. These charts hold a lot of pages, so it's possible that I did. It's also possible that I have a manufactured memory of seeing my own name. But I know I remember seeing my youngest sister's name for sure.

Before Daphne was born I volunteered in the nursery at the church we attend now and it brought on a touch of nostalgia to see one of these same charts for keeping track of the babies born in the church.

Today when dropping Daphne off at the nursery I realized that the tradition has continued:

I wonder if they'll let me cut out Daphne's name so I can put it in her baby book.

Just kidding. Maybe they'll let me have the whole chart.


Anonymous said...

wow, I do not remember having one of those at church. I don't think we do it anymore, time to start again maybe.

melissa said...

You don't??! It was always hanging in the back of the sanctuary. I wonder where it is? You should ask around and when you find it, give it to me. =)

GrammaR said...

I don't think either one of you were on a chart. I think it started after Erin; Mim Schlabach started it (if I remember correctly). After they left, I don't think anyone kept up on it. Once the orginal one was filled out, the earlier babies were covered with the new babies. It just wasn't the same reusing the same chart.

After you mentioned it, I thought maybe I should look into it. There are so many babies being born, a chart would be nice.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! I was trying to picture it in the old nursery. I do believe I remember it in the sanctuary. We should start that again. Go for it ma