16 March 2010

More Information About Our Life Than You Ever Needed to Know

When David has the occasional training days throughout the year he works an adjusted shift, meaning his regular work day and time (4PM -2AM) get switched to a day shift (8AM-6PM) so he can attend his training. This week he had training on Monday and Tuesday, which are his regular days off, so he's been gone during the day and then will get two of his regular work days as days off instead. Confusing? Slightly. The only part that really matters is that he's working two day shifts this week and then getting a 5 day weekend.

I like it when he has training because it breaks up our regular week with some fun and excitement. There is nothing more exciting than having a different day off and working a different shift. Woohoo! It doesn't take much for me to be excited.

I always say I want him to start working a day shift, but then I think about it and I'm not really sure. I think it would be great to have him home every night, but at the same time with his current shift he gets to spend more time with Daphne. If he didn't get home until 6:30 every night he wouldn't get to see her for very long before she went to bed. Now he usually gets up around 10AM and doesn't leave for work until 3PM, so we have that nice chunk in the middle of the day to hang out at home or go run around town. It works out well.

But I do like it when he works the occasional day shift. This morning Daphne and I got to go shoppin' without thinking about being home when David got up. And it's nice to look forward to him coming home in the evening. I can be a good wife and have supper waiting this evening. Ha!

I've always referred to our running around as "going shoppin'." When we're about to leave that's what we tell Daphne we're doing, even if we're going to church or something non-shopping related. But she's figured out a way to tell me that she's ready to go somewhere: she crawls over to the front door and starts waving bye-bye. And she does this about every 5 minutes because she sure does like to go shoppin'. With David gone these past two days it has given us ample time to go out and party, just us girls.

This morning we went to Fabric Depot (my new favorite place), a fun park, and played in our driveway. It is such a beautiful day that I even put Daphne in capri pants. Poor thing; the pants just don't look quite as good with socks and KAFOs on.

With all the fun things on the play structure at the park, she was more interested in the bolts holding the structure together. I love how she can be so easily entertained.

Here's to hoping she'll be as easily entertained here at home so I can get a little work done as we wait for David to come home. Someone needs to tell her that life isn't all about shoppin'.

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GrammaR said...

You do realize that someday Daphne is going to look at these pictures and ask, 'How could you dress me in that!?'