04 March 2010

Welcome to the Danger Zone

At our last pediatrician appointment Daphne's doctor said something about kids at this age having no fear. They peer over the edge of their crib without seeing the danger of being able to fall and break an important body part.

It's thrilling to watch Daphne play her role of fearless explorer.

(In between taking pictures I try to be consistently firm as I tell her that sitting on top of her high chair tray is not a good thing. I promise.)

Nothing keeps her down. Today I had her in the cart at Fred Meyer when she somehow whipped herself around and got her leg stuck in the back of the cart seat. She started wailing and apparently I looked a little traumatized because a nice older gentleman came to my rescue by helping me get her leg out. I was thinking we were going to need the Jaws of Life to free her so I was thankful for his aid.

I always get the most concerned when she gets to the top of stairs and lean waaaayyy forward. I can see her wheels turning as she ponders what it might be like to just let go.

(In between taking pictures I try to be consistently firm as I tell her that falling down stairs is not a good thing. I promise.)

On a tangent, do you see that bit of beauty behind Daphne as she is leaning over the stairs? Her flower clip collection had reached crisis point as the basket I was keeping them in was full to over-flowing. I just keep making more and more flowers so we needed a new organizational system. During her nap today I whipped up a little French bulletin board type thing that, if I do say so myself, turned out quite lovely.

I need to make more flowers so that I can make another one.


GrammaR said...

Are there enough days in a year for her to wear all her flowers? It's okay if she wears one twice during the year.

Anonymous said...

I love the board for the clips! :) I bought ribbon to make one but that is all.