14 March 2010

Race Day

David was a super runner in his high school/college days, and lately he has decided to train and do some races. I've only seen him run once, back when he came to visit me while I was living in Thailand. My next door neighbor was going to run a road race and invited David to run with him. Now he has a medal with Thailand's king's face on it. Very cool.

This morning was the Shamrock Run in downtown Portland, so we got up very early (on daylight savings day, no less) to go cheer him on. It was so cold. So very, very cold. But at least there was no rain, because I don't think I could have handled trying to keep Daphne warm and dry in a downpour.

It was hard enough to keep her happy as it was. I think it was good for her to see what it's like to be awoken early in the morning instead of being the one doing the awaking.

David ran with a friend of his from work. There were 7000 or so people in their race, so his wife and I didn't get to see them start. We figured they were somewhere in the big mass of people we were standing near, except they really weren't because I found out later they were at the beginning of the pack and took off long before this group we were watching. Oops; so much for being supportive wives.

We parked ourselves at the finish line hoping to catch the grand finale and cheer them to the end. All of a sudden David appeared running full speed so I basically pointed the camera and pressed the button...and what do you know, I actually got him.

Karl and David finished 200th and 198th respectively, which I think is pretty good out of 7000-ish people.

Daphne wore the cutest outfit to the race. I think she wanted to do the 1K Leprechaun race that they have for the kids, but she just did some push-ups instead. Maybe next year.


GrammaR said...

Good job, David. Better you than me! Keep doing those push ups, Daphne. Love your pink Adidas outfit.

Kim said...

Such a cute outfit!