13 August 2010


What were YOU doing 6 years ago today?

I know what I was doing.

It involved a pretty white dress, the most beautiful flowers you'll ever see, and one handsome dude.

Gettin' hitched, that's what I was doing. (Because I realize all those hints were very vague and could have related to any number of activities.)

There were two things I said I would never do when it came to getting married: never get married in the summer and never get married on a Saturday. I did both, because life just works out that way sometimes. I also said I would never have a baby in December, but I went ahead and not only had one in December, but on a national holiday to boot. That's how I roll.

I wanted a Friday night wedding, but wasn't sure about going for Friday the 13th. I'm not superstitious or anything, but doesn't it seem just a little freaky?

So happy anniversary to the best guy I could have hoped to marry.

It is a pleasure living a lifetime of happily ever after with you.


Nutty Mom said...

awwwww happy anniversary! Before I got married I said I never wanted kids. A month after we got married I was dropping hints to my hubby that I wanted to start a family NOW. Good thing he was on board with that! Course, then life didn't work that way either! It's funny the "plans" we have for ourselves, and how they pretty much never work out!

Anyway, I hope you have an awesomely WONDERFUL anniversary!

Kramer Family said...

lol!!! I got married on Friday the 13th :) in December!!!!! We had people questioning us, but I really wanted a friday wedding and it happened that December 13th was our 3 year anniversary from when Dennis asked me out and it fell on a friday. :) yup, I like doing things outside the norm!! :) Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!

wannabmomma said...

Happy Anniversary Mel!!