31 August 2010

I'm Thankful....

...that I have indoor running water that's just as warm as I want it because it would not be fun to heat water on the stove and fill washtubs every night. Of course I know I wouldn't be doing it every night, hence the once-a-week bathtimes you read about in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

Hopefully LIW never rubbed hummus into her hair, because let me tell you, it takes some special scrubbing to get that stuff out. But I don't plan on Daph getting her braids dipped in inkwells anytime soon. That might be worse than hummus.

I know the pioneer people had dirt! Seriously, I can't imagine letting my kid go to bed without a good scrubdown after participating in this fun digging activity:

Poor Daphne is looking a wee bit bedraggled in this final photo, but at least she has a house made out of cheese.

In conclusion, three cheers for the modern day bathtub.


Nutty Mom said...

HAHAHAHAHA great post. Love the dirt picture!

Jessica said...

"Hip-hip-hurray! Hip-hip-hurray! Hip-hip-hurray!" I agree that it's nice to have hot running water whenever I want it. There have been times I've made the boys strip before even entering the house because they were so dirty!