20 August 2010


Last night Daphne took a tumble face forward from her rocking chair and split her chin right open. I'm not one to freak out at the sight of blood, but I am not good with skin openings. I firmly believe that skin should be in one piece and you should not be able to see what is behind it.

There was a lot of blood on her face and running down her neck but I didn't want to actually look at the wound. I'm nervous about seeing brains or whatever it is you can see when someone's chin is open.

How do you determine if someone needs stitches? I don't know, so of course I called David. He didn't know either and I'm like, "just pretend like I'm calling 911 and you're responding to this call!" Apparently people don't call 911 for split chins, but he said he could send me an ambulance if I wanted. Um, no. No need to black list my house as the one who calls for medical at the sight of a bit of blood.

Long story short (even thought this story is already really long) the bleeding stopped after an hour or so and this morning all seems to be well. I guess she didn't need stitches. She must have hurt the inside of her mouth too because when she tried to eat or drink last night and this morning she would say "ouchie!" Poor little thing.

Last week Daph took a tumble down our entire flight of stairs. I was at the top and just couldn't catch her in time. I had to watch her little body flip and twist down the stairs until she landed at the bottom. She didn't even cry, even though my heart was racing a mile a minute. We were on our way out to the door to church when it happened. I thought she would be nervous around stairs after that, but as soon as we got to church she headed straight for the first staircase we saw.

Last night after the chair incident she just whimpered a bit, but after we snuggled for awhile she wanted to get in the chair again. Brynner ran over her on the patio yesterday morning, and even though she got a face and mouth full of dirt and gravel, she hardly even acted like anything happened.

I think Daphne is just going to be one of those kids who always has scraped knees and bumps and bruises, but I'm glad that she bounces back so quickly and doesn't seem to get too shaken up by her injuries.

As long as David is always nearby to check if brains are visible, I will try not to get too shaken up as well.

Sitting in her rocker where she likes to hold all the sporting equipment possible.

It's good to add a few stuffed animals as well.


GrammaR said...

So, how big was the split? And brains normally are not in the chin. However, we are talking Daphne and she likes to be different from everyone else. :) How long has she had a baby doll?

wannabmomma said...

Aw poor thing! Glad she isn't too banged up!

Nutty Mom said...

Poor Daphne! Kid injuries are the worst for mommies. I hope she stays out of trouble to give your heart a rest for a bit!

GrandpaR said...

Since no one seems to want to present me with grandsons, I will settle for tough grand daughters!