28 August 2010

Nothing Says Summer Like Putt Putt Golf

Our lives have been pretty boring lately; mostly just trying to soak up all of the summer we can before fall comes to town. I hope we get a few more bursts of heat before we switch seasons. I like being warm.

It was warm enough last week that we actually washed our cars. Pretty amazing for us. David came in the house a few days ago asking what the strange streaks of sliminess were on the back of my car. Well, I needed to soften some butter and the sun was shining and black cars reflect heat...so I put the sticks of butter on the trunk of my car. I probably left them there a bit longer than I needed to because my butter ended up a bit soupy, and then there was the problem of butter streaks down the back end of the car which David thought for sure meant our paint was just randomly melting off the car. But now we're all washed up and good to go.

We went mini golfing with friends, where Daphne quickly figured out the best way to get a hole in one:

Golfing with small children is a wee bit more challenging than golfing without small children. Lots of breaks for snack and snuggles.

Aren't you curious about what they are all staring at so intently? Me too.

Last Sunday David and I went to the Hillsboro Air Show. It was pretty entertaining, but my main question is how those pilots aren't puking in their cockpits. I had to avert my eyes during some of the stunts because they looked way too scary for me, and watching an airplane crash to the ground is not on my list of things to do. And for the record, people should not be allowed to ride on the outside of an airplane. There should be a rule.

We did not take Daphne, but we brought her home an inflatable airplane. It makes her very happy.

In case you need proof of how happy this airplane makes her, I am sharing some video of how excited she gets when David flies it around the living room. I love her look of anticipation in the second one.

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