06 August 2010

Short and Sweet

This afternoon when I sneezed, Daphne said 'bless you.' She's a polite little bugger.

Tonight she said 'night night' to the bathroom.

Although Daph usually hates wearing hats, lately she's taken a fancy to wearing her 49ers baseball cap.

You may recall her wearing it when she was 3-ish months old.

She likes it a lot better now.

Daphne has been a grouchy, grouchy girl this week. Lots of screeching, but she's doing really well saying 'haynana' when she's frustrated and needs something. What's a 'haynana' you ask? I taught her to say 'help me, mama' when she needs somethings, as opposed to all the yelping and fussing she usually does. 'Haynana' works fine, too.

Craft Warehouse is having an amazing sale right now. They hardly ever have sales! I had no idea that they had cute fabric, but they do! Buy 2 yards get 1 free.

We have to get up at the crack of dawn to go milk some goats. Daph and I are going alone; here's to hoping she will quietly sit in one spot while the goats and I spend our time together. Super gluing her buns to the floor is definitely a viable option.

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