28 February 2012

A Big Day

Daphne's hair has been growing steadily for 3 years now. I love her hair, but it's gotten crazy long and has been kind of a mess.

Today we went down to the cutest children's salon for her first haircut.

A first haircut is kind of a big deal and requires many photos, like of the moment you walk into the salon.

She got to choose which vehicle chair she wanted to sit in. I was sure she would go for the airplane but she chose the cute pink car.

Christian sat in the airplane.

I really wanted to be brave and do something short and drastic to Daphne's hair, but in the end I just couldn't do it. So the stylist just cleaned up the ends and evened out the length and fixed up Daphne's natural layers. Probably about 3 inches were cut off.

For a first haircut, the salon takes the child's picture and makes a little keepsake with the hair. Daphne's turned out really cute.

We're thinking of waiting a few months and maybe going back to give Daph the little bob I'm thinking about. With her curly hair I want to keep her from looking like a mushroom head, but this stylist was great and I know will do a good job keeping Daphne lovely.

I don't have a great 'after' photo, but you can kind of see some of the length gone here...I think you'll be able to tell when you see her in real life:

And just because, here's Christian trying to escape from his car seat:

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Miche said...

Her hair is so curly! Adorable and that is a cute children's salon.