07 February 2012

Just Some Questions

Christian slept great for 4 whole nights but he's since decided that was nonsense. As an added bonus, if he naps at all during the day it's only for 1/2 an hour at a time. Maybe he doesn't like me as much as I thought he did?

Everyday I spend the entire day cleaning the house and loving on the kids, but by the end of the day the house is a disaster and the kids are crying. Is it possible I am doing something wrong here? Does this same phenomenon happen to anyone else?

Remember this photo from September?

Here's an updated version, although now Christian can use his eyes to tell you exactly how he feels about the situation:

Daphne is such a good big sister. Someday soon Christian will recognize that when she's sitting on his head it's actually because she loves him so.

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Kelley said...

Has Rebecca recognized that Erin sitting on her head means Erin loves her? Just asking.