24 February 2012

Shriners Does it Again

We went back to Shriners last week for the skeletal dysplasia clinic. After having 20 (I'm not kidding) doctors looking over Daphne's x-rays from the last time we went and having basically 20 different opinions on Daphne's unique skeleton, they took a bunch more x-rays and we're going to be scheduling another MRI soon.

Daphne isn't the only one who likes the waiting room entertainment at Shriners.

The MRI will be at Doernbecher's where there is an anesthesiologist to give her the happy sleeping drugs. She's too little to be able to hold still long enough to get good pictures taken so she has to be sleeping for the procedure. Then maybe another surgery for her feet soon? We'll see what the new x-rays and MRI say.

Posing with her bro. They were accidentally matching with their blue/pink animal print, but I think it turned out pretty cute. I need to make them match more often.

I tell ya, I didn't like going through her surgeries/MRI back before her first birthday because it was so sad to see her uncomfortable but not understanding what was going on. Now she'll be old enough to be aware and I am just not looking forward to it. Plus now that we have Christian, David and I won't be able to just camp out that the hospital the whole time and one of us (me) will have to leave Daph and sleep at home with him.

One of the best parts about the doctor...they give good treats. She got 'praying bear' as she calls him, and a little Hello Kitty Mega Blocks set. We got her some Hello Kitty Mega Blocks as her Christmas gift, so she loves the addition to the ones she already has.

But I'm trying not to borrow trouble. Daph will probably love her hospital time, as she usually soaks up any experience where she is the center of attention. And who knows, maybe she'll get some more treats.

Cheese snacks while waiting in our room.

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Kelley said...

Maybe someone will offer to stay with C overnight so you can stay with D. One never knows.