15 February 2012

My 3 Valentines

We've decided to keep Valentine's Day a fun family day and not make a big deal about it being a mushy, romantic kind of day. We'll do fun meals, little Valentine gifts, and whatever family activity sounds fun. This way our kids will always want to stay at home with us on Valentine's and never want to go out on dates.

(Hahaha! I just cracked myself up thinking that our kids will always want to stay home with us and never go on dates. Although we just watched Breaking Dawn Part 1, and Bella's wedding was so sweet and beautiful that I decided Daphne is never going to get married. She's going to stay home with me forever.)

We had a yummy heart pasta Valentine meal, on heart plates with heart cups.

Even David, my #1 Valentine, had to use a heart plate and cup.

Here's my #2 Valentine, asking where our Christmas tree went. Apparently she just now noticed it was gone.

My #3 Valentine was in bed during this meal. When you have to take naps you miss a lot of the fun. But here is a cute picture of him from a few days ago when David was trying to play with him but he kept turning around to flash me big smiles. (I'm his favorite.)

Have you seen those new Friends LEGOs? They are super cute. David loves playing LEGOs, so he got Daphne a box of them for her Valentine gift. This morning there was fun playtime for all.

With this much Valentine fun at our place, you can see why our kids will never want to leave the house.


Nutty Mom said...

Oh my word Daphne looks SO grown up in that pic of her at the table. It reminds me of Father of the Bride when she's sitting there as an adult and he's having flashbacks to when she was a child. Only here it's flashing forward. She's just TOO big!!!

Marla said...

Eva wants to stay with me forever. In fact, she doesn't want to go to college because she doesn't want to leave me. Be jealous, I know you are. ;-)

I told her that she can stay home and still become an educated young woman. She's thinking about it though, so luckily she has a while to figure it out.