26 February 2012

Bowling Superstars

We joined up with some families from David's work for some bowling.

I don't think I've gone bowling in 10 years or so, but apparently I am very good because I got 5 strikes in two games!

Daphne is also very good. I mean, she bowled very slowly so her ball got stuck in the center of the lane a few times, but I still think she was amazing.

Christian was mesmerized by all the action. Many of the bowling balls weighed more than he does.

We had a really good time, and I kind of hope David and I can go on another bowling outing sometime sans children. Maybe we could join a league. Get some t-shirts or something. We'll see.


Nutty Mom said...

What a fun time! You need to post more pics of Christian! He's growing up SO fast!!!

Miche said...

Adult bowling leagues also typically involve beer :) Have fun!

melissa said...

Haha, this made me laugh! Too bad I hate beer...maybe we'll have to find another hobby.

melissa said...

No, he can't be growing!! I don't know how that happens so quickly. :(

Kelley said...

Melissa, you were in a league very early in your life. Okay, before you were born. I went with Grammy. I didn't drink beer. The other ladies kept an eye on me because they didn't want me to deliver in the middle of a game or alley. Bowling with a bowling ball belly was very interesting.