07 July 2015

A Little Birthday Party

Based on Jonas's love of food, it was my estimation that he would be the first of our babies to eat his birthday cake.  (The older two were scared of theirs or something.)
fire on food = confusion

this seems good


and yes

He's such a tidy little eater, and there was nary a crumb left over. 

But he was up FIVE TIMES that night, so he's never eating cake again.

He's all over the house and constantly getting into stuff, but he's much happier for his freedom.  I suspect he'll be walking any second. 

You kind of breathe a sigh of relief after making it through another baby year, right?  Keeping a baby alive is a big job.  I kind of want to tell people, "Look! He's one. We made it. We survived. Now I would like to go take a nap."

What a good, long, hard, wonderful year. 


Erika said...

Aww happy birthday, Jonah! Way to take down that cake! Millie plans to follow in your footsteps!

Erika said...

Bahahaha I just called him Jonah. Jonas. I meant Jonas. I need to go to bed, I think. ;) Please forgive me!