24 July 2015

Slices of Life, Vol XVIII

When planting the garden this Spring, the kids and I had a little discussion on the necessities for getting seeds to grow.  This talk was mainly geared toward Christian, with his penchant for stabbing sticks at our newly planted seeds, or throwing rocks at them, or jumping on them...you see the picture of his gentleness, I'm sure.

I said, "Seeds need three things to grow: good soil, sun, and water.  They do not need little boys digging them up."

Daphne piped right in to say, "They also need a fourth thing.  They need you to sing to them."

Singing to the plants is up to her if she feels it needs to be done. From time to time I find her singing to her one special pot that she planted full of succulents. They seems healthy enough, I guess.  Nothing spectacular.

When I brought home basil to plant, she asked what it was.

"A basil," I said.
"A bagel?"
"No, a basil"
"Just basil."
"So what do we do with it? Does it grow us bagels?"

discovering the peas

old picture...everything is way, way bigger now

After bath the other night Christian held up this book for me and said in a most solemn voice, "Look, Mom, this book is about toilets."

Fortunately I had the camera with me, because we wouldn't want to forget a touching moment like that. 

How Jonas feels about water:

Hates it.

I'll leave you with two Life Tips by Christian:

"If there's red on you that means it's blood. Or color crayon. If it's moving, you know it's blood. If it's not, you know it's color crayon."

"If you get lost why don't you just use the guy in Daddy's new phone to tell you which way to go?"


Erika said...

Oh my gosh. I'm kidnapping your whole family, that's all there is to it. And also your bagel plant, because I'm having the worst time trying to get mine to grow this year. All I can get is little mini-bagels and don't nobody have time for that.

Kelley said...

Your kidlets make me laugh!