09 July 2015

When the Cat's Away

Daph had VBS a few weeks ago and I wasn't sure how the boys would do with her off having fun while they were stuck with me.  I assumed they'd be really mad and crabby or something.

(Enough with the minute-by-minute pictures?)

I was wrong!  They love me!

The only activity that was maybe a little over our heads was the berry picking, but it's hard to expect much from a baby who's missing his nap and being forced to hang out in a berry patch in 90+ degree weather.  It was my PR for Lowest Amount of Berries Picked in a Trip: 4 lbs.  Embarrassing. 

Otherwise, my time with the boys was great.  Really great.  It was my first time hanging out with just the boys for any significant amount of time, and I love being able to say 'the boys.'  I say it as much as possible, because being obnoxious like that is fun. 

Now Daph is home and that's great because we like her, too.

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