15 July 2015

Father's Day and a Pie Crust Recipe Link

Remember Father's Day?  It was awhile ago.

Jonas and I left early that morning to get breakfast fritters from David's favorite doughnut place, and coffee. Christian showed love by sharing his doughnut with his dad.   

no, he didn't

Side note here, but Daphne doesn't like doughnuts.  She'll eat raw onions, and cooked broccoli is one of her favorite things, but she says doughnuts are 'fuzzy'* and therefore inedible.  It's the weirdest thing.

*fuzzy: the fluffy cake part inside a doughnut. 

We got to host a little dinner that afternoon.  David requested fried chicken and strawberry pie for the meal. I don't particularly enjoy making pies, mostly because I don't like to eat them, and partly because I have a hard time getting a pie crust not be too dry.  A quick Pinterest search provided this crust recipe and...winner!  It was SO easy that I ended up making two pies and taking one to the neighbors.  That's saying a lot because, for reals, making pies is not fun. 
 the picture David took that day

a pretty good group, if i do say so myself

Papa Great's intro to Bob Books

3 generations

post dinner naps

A Father's Day comprised of food and naps; I think there could be worse days. 

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