11 July 2015

How to Host a Craft Night for the Christian Mom

Man, doesn't that sound like a wild party waiting to happen?

step one: Bible on the table

Have you ever wondered why my kids are so obedient, respectful, gentle and kind, with impeccable self-control?  (HA!  Oh man.)

My favorite, favorite, favorite of all parenting books is Don't Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Hubbard.  Amazon shares a fine review so I won't do that, but this book has given me the most practical help on how to use the Bible in everyday life with my kids. It's helped me look past their outward behavior of whining, complaining, fighting, arguing, etc., and use God's words to encourage their little hearts to change perspective, and eventually, hopefully, change their attitudes, actions and responses.

(And I just saw that there is a Six Week Study Guide?  I could probably go for that.) 
Now the fun part...combining this great book with Craft Night! Craft Nights have been a favorite activity lately because I love the dual-purpose of them: a child-free night with friends combined with getting something accomplished.  All dependent on the level of multi-tasking skills of the attendees, of course.

(My personal skill level is low, btw.)

Following this book's method of discipline requires much diligence on the part of the parents.  For instance, it's easy to yell, "stop fighting with each other!" and much harder to have verses stockpiled in your brain to be able to instead say something like, "Remember that God's word says in Phil 2:5 that 'As you deal with one another, you should act and think as Jesus did.'  Are you treating your sibling/friend the way Jesus would?"  And then to have more verses that proove how Jesus acted.  Whew.

So we got together and made pretty cards and wrote verses on them to have in easy reach around our houses.  I'm so thankful for a table full of wise friends who willingly share their creativity, experiences, verbiage, and favorite verses/translations with me.  These women are great resources with large washi tape collections and font-like handwriting skills.   

I should've taken more pictures of finished products, but, you know, multi-tasking is hard.

I hung my finished cards in easy-to-see locations, above the kitchen sink being one since it seems 90% of my day is spent there.

hallway clipboard

Two more things:

1.  Crafty friends are good for many reasons, one being the amazing things they make for you.
sorry about hiding our last name under that discreet gray slash

Each of our names are hidden in an arrow.  I just love it.

*made by the talented Michelle.

2.  Daphne knew what we were working on last night, so this morning she made a card and asked for a verse to write on it.

These friends are treasured gifts who make excellent role models for me and my kids.

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.  Prov 13:20


Shelley Smucker said...

O.k. I need to do this like, PRONTO. And I need to read that book. I am so in the trenches with this right now! Jocelyn and Charlotte were the best of friends and suddenly one day they weren't. Maybe it has something to do with a baby being born?? We may never know. But I need some of this scriptural arsenal to get me through this "phase"! (or at least I'm certainly hoping its a phase)

Thanks for sharing!!!

melissa said...

If you do read the book let me know what you think! I'm always afraid that I have a slightly unhealthy love for it. :)