17 July 2015

Bye Bye Blue

We've become big fans of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore this past year.  Probably their biggest fans.

Recently we found this darling little cupboard for a mere $30. Solid wood with a cute shape, but not our choice of color and that little trim thing was unusual. 

Look at her now!

She's beautiful. 

David likes going there for lumber (new and reclaimed), paints and stains for little projects, and he got all the caulking he needed for our house exterior as he was prepping the house for new paint. 

Monday we made a visit to The Rebuilding Center.  That place is truly amazing.  If finding old things and making them pretty is your thing, you've got to make a trip up there.  We expected it to be expensive based on its location in a trendy part of town, but everything is very well priced.  Old doors, windows, cabinets, hardware, light fixtures, old toilets if you like those, lumber; so many treasures. Next time we go we will be equipped with empty car space and loads of fruit snacks to keep the kids quiet for a few minutes or maybe hours (ha).  That would be a lot of fruit snacks. 

Our current big project is getting the house painted.  David is doing most of it because I tried once when I was home with the kids, and in the first two minutes of work Christian walked on the paint can lid and left white footprints on the porch and then Jonas crawled through it and added his hand prints to the trail. 

with kids

After bedtime.  Way better. 

Our house is cute the way it is, but I really want to simplify and make it a bit more classic. My favorite look in the entire world is a white farmhouse with black shutters, so I Googled 'white Victorian house' to see if it was a look we could force on our house.  Google said yes! 
one of the 9000 inspiration pictures I have

Bonus: we found shutters at The ReBuilding Center for $1/ea!  A nicer price than $40/pair at Home Depot. 

And...one last tiny project...Our front door has never been my favorite because the inside was painted light blue and the window had a lot of pink/blue/green stained glass.  I like stained glass and all, but pink and blue combos aren't my choice of colors.  I would love an old wooden door, but for now David replaced the window and I painted the inside white.  Our living room is much brighter with the change.
it's going to be fabulous with a Christmas wreath on it

exciting new door + exciting new walking skill

Sometime in the next decade we'll paint the door knob an oil rubbed bronze and paint the exterior of the door from white to an exciting color.  Like maybe a dark grey, the most exciting color of all.

Do you think our house is mad at us for all the un-Victorian-izing we're doing?  Un-Victorian-izing might be the wrong word (and also a made up word); simplifying sounds better, maybe?  Toning down the frill?  I don't love frill.  I love our house, but all the pinks and blues were overwhelming me.  

(P.S. We put the door window in the attic in case someone wants it someday. That seemed nice of us.)

new organization of the living room, too

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