22 December 2010

Izzy's Day

December 22, otherwise known as Izzy's Day at our house, is practically a national holiday as it is the only day a year David gets to go to Izzy's.

You may recall me sharing last year that when we tried to go out for our last dinner date before Daphne was born, there was so much snow that the only open restaurant we could find was Izzy's.

Before we left today for our 3rd annual Izzy's trip, David sat Daphne down to tell her the story of why we were going out to lunch. First he told her that he was going to eat so much his tummy would hurt and mommy was going to eat salad.

He knows me well.

Then he continued, "Daphne, two years ago..."

"Turtles?" She interrupted.

The story telling pretty much went downhill from there.

But Izzy's was a hit, with 'icey cream' being the #1 favorite food.

Happy Izzy's Day, from our house to yours.

1 comment:

nathan said...

I am very amused. Daphne, you are hilarious!