23 December 2010

We {Heart} Christmas Cards

It's definitely a Christmas favorite to receive piles of Christmas cards this time of year. I love each one.

But I admit I do not spend the same amount of time pouring over each and every photo like this little girl does. If you sent us a photo card this Christmas, I can guarantee we have spent more time than would seem normal pointing to and naming each person in each photo. And showing them to Lola. And showing them to her stuffed animals. And reading them books.

So just so you know, someone really, truly adores getting your cards.


GrammaR said...

Funny girl! Do you read the books to the pictures or does your mom?

What is tomorrow? Do you know what I did two years ago?

Miche said...

Happy Birthday Daphne! Did you get our birth announcement? We got your Christmas card :)

I love them too! Everyday is like Christmas at the mailbox