14 December 2010

Daphne Loves Santa

Just what you've been waiting for, Daphne and Santa, 2010:

The look on her face isn't much different than last year's, and when we first got near him she wrapped her arms around my neck with a strength I didn't know she had. I thought she was going to be afraid of him and not sit on his lap, but after a minute or two she settled right in and was having a great time. The fact that he gave her a candy cane may have had something to do with that.

This year I was brave and snuck in a few of my own photos, but for the record I did not see any signs telling me not to use my own camera. But still I was quick and didn't get the best angle to show off her super cute outfit, which I bought for $5 at H&M (for those of you who love it when I share how cheaply I was able to buy something...ahem, GAB).

So Santa was a hit this year, and Daphne has been asking all day today if we can go to 'Sinta's' house. She's also asking to drive around and look at Christmas lights. What have I been saying? Naturally Christmassy.


GrammaR said...

Are they green and lellow?

GrandpaR said...

I remember someones mom going into hysterics at the sight of even the simplest string of......