06 December 2010

O Tannenbaum

I think that this year we have the most beautiful Christmas trees ever. Daphne loves them, because like I said before, she is naturally Christmassy and seems to love all things December related.

This morning we went downtown to visit the new H&M (H&M and I are officially friends) and to let Daph visit the giant tree. I love her face as she checked out the biggest Christmas tree she's ever seen:

She did not love what David did to her in this next photo, and her screech was so loud I think the entire city stopped for a second to wonder at the ruckus.

(She was mad enough at him that later when it was time to go and he tried to pick her up, she threw herself flat on the ground and yelled "no! up a-Mama!")

But do you see that guy in the photo in between the pickup truck and the tree base? That there was Daphne's brush with Portland fame, as he is one of the news guys doing something newsy. He's so famous I don't even know his name, but I've seen him before, maybe doing the weather?

I took some more pictures of David comforting Daphne; AKA David, Daphne and the semi famous guy.

Anyways, in all actuality, Daphne's favorite part of being downtown was chasing the pigeons.

Because while she does love Christmas, she also loves all the animal creatures. Like she was excited about the elevator at the parking garage because she thought I said 'alligator.'

Gotta love the parking garage alligators.


Anonymous said...

LOL hasn't David learned yet that she doesn't like that so much and gets mad? :)

She is SO cute!

Kim said...

Oh that is Nick Allard from kgw. Now that I'm home I watch the news ha!

Miche said...

Has she met Santa? If so, I missed it. I'll have to post tomorrow L's picture with Santa :)