10 December 2010

Where All Our Dreams Come True Part 1

It's one of my favorite things to decorate my house and make it a warm, cozy place to be. I like curb appeal, too, and being able to pull into my driveway and say "ahh...home."

I wouldn't mind if people walked around and gave out "cutest house" awards. Someday I would like to win one of those awards.

My favorite house style is probably old country farmhouses with welcome lights in the windows and big front porches that at Christmas time can have garland strung along the porch railings. I do not yet live in an old country farmhouse, nor do I have a big front porch, but I do have welcome lights in the windows and several years ago David and I built a fence for our front yard that I think added thousands of points to our curb appeal score.

(I was very entertained by the meter reader who once asked if our lights in the windows were some sort of zen thing. Um, no, thanks for asking. And clearly we live in Portland to get a question like that.)

Anyways, if you can't string garland along a front porch, I think stringing it along a front fence is second best.

This year, a dream of mine has seen reality as I finally got myself some garland and strung it right up. I even put white lights in the garland. (If that's what you can call the LED solar lights that are labeled 'clear' but instead give off a blueish tinge...)

It's quite lovely and very festive.

David's Christmas dream for our house has been to own a train that can run around the base of the Christmas tree and this year we finally bought one. Since all day long I hear a little voice asking "watch the train?" I think it's a hit.

Her high chair is in the perfect location for eating/train watching. The train is in the perfect location for little hands to grab it off the track and hide train cars all over the house.

And now that she's in bed it's time for me to go on my evening scavenger hunt to find them all. Wish me luck.


GrammaR said...

D must no longer be afraid of the train if she is willing to hide the cars. At least she left it alone for a few days! :)

One Blessed Momma! said...

How festive! I love the train idea!!!