11 December 2010

Where All Our Dreams Come True Part 2

While David and I aren't huge TV people, we do like watching movies and the occasional show on DVD. We're a bit behind technologically speaking; I think our cell phones were made in 1985 and it took us years to get wireless internet and a laptop. I couldn't work a TiVo if my life depended on it. I'm not even 100% sure what it is.

But David has been wanting a 'big' TV for the family room (AKA the 'man cave') for a long time. Our monthly budget allows us each some spending money, so David has been saving his pennies to be able to pay cash for a TV. (Dave Ramsey would be so proud.)

Thursday was the glorious day that our UPS man brought David his present.

David put in some movie about shooting as his first test of the TV's magnificence. As helicopters where flying across the screen strafing the ground below them, Daphne was laughing hysterically.

I've had visions of her and I having Anne of Green Gables marathons in the future, but what if she would rather watch shoot-em-up movies with her dad?? Not sure I can handle that.


GrammaR said...

What a violent little girl! I vote for Anne.

Heather Poe said...

I'm so proud of you for not keeping up with technology. There's a dangerous line that is usually crossed with people these days. Nobody knows how to interact anymore! We are totally in the dark ages technology speaking and choose to be there! Have a TV. Have internet. Have cell phone...with no abilities but to call. No playstation. No Television programming. LOVE IT!