03 December 2010


Many years ago, before we had children, David found a Playmobil nativity set and purchased it thinking we would at some point have little people in our house who would like to play with it.

Good purchase David, good purchase.

The only thing I don't love about it is the many small pieces it comes with. Mary's head piece comes off; the 3 king's capes and crowns come off; you practically need a microscope to keep track of baby Jesus. All staffs, halos and crowns are currently kept hidden away.

But Daphne asks several times a day to play with Baby Jesus, and I think having a nativity to play with is helping her realize that the story isn't about Baby Jesus and Baby Joseph like she previously thought.

Just one baby in this story, Daph.

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One Blessed Momma! said...

Good job David! That is really cute. I haven't seen a toy version before.