20 April 2011

Dethroning Begins in the Ultrasound Room

We spent many hours at the doctor on Tuesday, first off getting Daphne some new shoes.

Rob was so excited to know he was making the blog. Seriously, who wouldn't be?

But poor Daphne; she doesn't understand why her new shoes don't feel exactly like her old ones and sort of hobbles around like an old woman complaining that she has ouchies. She sits down, holds her foot up and says "fix it, mama."

If only I could.

Doesn't seem like that long ago she was this size playing on this exact same exam table...

After her Hanger appointment we crossed the street for another peek at the baby. We loved introducing Daphne to the sonographer who did all of her ultrasounds. She's such a sweet lady and we've appreciated working with her. Daphne was thrilled to have found a new friend, but was also a little out-of-sorts over not being #1 during that appointment.

As Sherrie said, dethroning begins in the ultrasound room.

I don't know; Daphne is so cool, what if this new baby isn't as cool as she is?

I wanted to take a cute picture of Daphne holding an ultrasound photo, but you know how cooperative 2 year olds are.

Not what I had in mind, so maybe she'll cooperate another day? Maybe the same day we re-do our Tulip Festival photo shoot (a.k.a. never).


Paige said...

i guess i am out of the loop on your new baby news! congrats!! daphne is sure to be such a wonderful big sister!

ultrasound paper said...

Nice pics baby having ultrasound pic lol. so cute. Keep it up.