15 April 2011

When It Was Sunny That One Day

Today was rather gloomy, rainy and cold. David started a fire in the wood stove so at least our house was warm and cozy.

Last week we had one day of sun! We made a visit up to one of our favorite coffee shops which we love because:

A) they have super yummy coffee

B) they are child friendly

C) they have outdoor seating that will be wonderful come summer (I love that when we're outdoors Daphne runs around with a big smile on her face)

D) it is across from one of my favorite baby stores, Cotton Babies. Cotton Babies is the company that makes bumGenius cloth diapers, for any of you who care about that type of thing. They have cloth diapers (more than just bumGenius), toys, strollers, feeding tools, and many other items to make a mama happy. Cotton Babies is also very child friendly and are perfectly OK with children running around hollering like banshees. They have a tent set up that Daphne sits in and laughs so loudly I can hear her all throughout the store.

So. That's what we did when it was sunny that one day.

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Nutty Mom said...

How fun. She's looking SO grown up! Maybe it's all her pretty hair