19 April 2011

Tulip Season

I had a dream.

We would go to the Tulip Festival, Daphne would joyfully frolic amongst the tulips, and we would get many beautiful photos of her.

Not so much. As soon as we passed through the children's play area on our walk out to the tulip fields, flowers were the last thing she wanted to be seeing.

David was able to get her to start looking around for rocket ships and that made her a little bit happier, although this picture makes them look like they are performing in some sort of tulip musical:

We finally went back to the 'bounce bounce,' the big air-filled jumping toy that had caught Daphne's eye, and then we found the rubber duck races which were the best thing she had ever seen.

We made the trip with friends and my car, the girl car, was following David's car, the boy car and they apparently were gabbing a little too much and led us all the way to Salem before our girl car decided we had enough of that and took over being the leaders. (They like to pretend that it was our fault, but don't listen to their side of the story.)

Despite no cute tulip photos and seeing half of Oregon, we had a really good time and it's definitely worth the little drive to go.

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Gramma said...

How many rocket ships were found at the tulip fields? Perhaps Daphne needs to see more of Oregon and visit Papa and his rocket ships.