13 April 2011

Say Hello to Sugar

A few good things about Daphne's eating habits:

*Milk and water are her favorite beverages. I've offered her juice once or twice but she pushed them away for water. We don't keep juice in the house, so milk and water are the only things she knows and therefore are what she likes best. This is good.

*She loves fruit. I think she would turn down almost any food for berries.

*She loves cooked vegetables, especially carrots.

*She loves avocados, quinoa, kefir, and yummy leaves (lettuce). She's practically a walking health food store.

I'm so thankful that getting Daphne to eat has never been a struggle and I truly feel badly for all the parents who do have to struggle with it. I would like to take all the credit for her amazing eating skills, but there's nothing like motherhood to make you realize you're actually the most incompetent person alive. The Good Lord just knew we had enough issues to deal with that getting the girl to eat did not need to be one of them.

So while mealtime health is not a struggle for us, she is growing older and is more aware of what folks around her are eating. Thanks to this she has discovered that such a thing exists as 'yummy treats.'

Like cupcakes. And chocolate chips.

We went to See's Candies with friends the other week and Daph got her very own sample. She loved it. The other week at home group a plate of brownies was sitting near the edge of the kitchen table. I looked over just in time to see her swipe a brownie and chow down like she'd never had food before.

David gave her her first taste of licorice yesterday. He's not as strict about her diet as I am.

To say she was happy about it would be an understatement.

But here's the good thing for my own waist line: now that she recognizes all foods, including yummy treats, I get to be very, very careful on what we buy and eat at home. If I don't want Daphne to eat it, that means we don't get to, either.

Goodbye boxed macaroni & cheese; I loved you. Although I don't think it's possible to say good-bye to See's. Have you tried their Dark Bordeaux? Delish.


Lacee said...

Good job, mama!! I was just thinking about this today - how I've never had a problem getting Ryder to eat. He's on a diet that sounds a lot like Daphne's. I never cared about what I was eating until he came along. Now I care about what he eats and TRY to do the same for me, but it's hard. It's a lot easier to start your child out eating good foods than it is to to try and change bad eating habits. Junk food is addicting!

Gramma said...

Um, I think D had licorice January 16. Check with Uncle Kyle.

GrandpaR said...

Time for Daffy to come over for bacon and goldfish!