30 April 2011

I Love Age 2

I love age 2. So far it's the best of all the ages Daphne has experienced.

I love that when I need to get something done, she can be a big helper and work along side me, therefore being distracted enough that I can really get something done.

Like yesterday she helped mash bananas for banana muffins. True, she ate all that she mashed, but still, very helpful.

(P.S. It's really hard to explain to a two year old, though, the concept of time. Like just because we mixed up muffins does not mean they are immediately ready to eat. "Muffin? Muffin? MUFFIN?" she yelled the entire time they were cooking/cooling.)

She's also great at yard work. We are actually very happy with the work we've gotten done in our yard this year (we pruned all the roses- first time in like 3 years) and potentially will get done this summer. Daph just runs with the dogs, laughing and waving sticks around. Semi-dangerous, I'm sure, but it keeps her happy. David bought her a little lawn mower that she really loved using until Brynner ate the handles off. He's also eaten nearly all her gardening tools and ate her soccer ball. (Not that I'm bitter.)

Last week when it was sunny we were unfortunately super busy but managed to find about 1/2 an hour to work outdoors. Daphne helped me weed the entire garden. Such a good helper.

She's also become some sort of chicken whisperer. Those chickens follow her around like they think she's one of them. She loves it and I think it's so cute.

We are really looking forward to this summer and doing all the fun activities that a 2-year-old is finally old enough to handle. Like having a beautiful yard.


Gramma said...

Five pigs were born yesterday. I think Papa needs help feeding the mama.

And Papa brought home 24 more chicks.

Gramma said...

Oh, tell her it is so many 'Shaun the Sheeps' and the muffins will be ready.