09 May 2012

A Dairy Dilemma

I'm not supposed to have dairy while we're working on getting Christian's gut nice and healthy, but let's discuss two certain items that make staying away from dairy very difficult:

1) Frappucino Happy Hour at Starbucks


2) Cheesesake from Claim Jumper.

Last Friday, when the Happy Hour started, the kids and I met David at Starbucks while he was working.  The nice Starbucks guy made me a frappucino using my rice milk that I brought from home.  Apparently this is a big no-no in Starbucks world, but I think it's helpful to have the person ordering for you wear a uniform and a badge. (In case you were considering trying it for yourself.)

Monday we went again.  This time to a different Starbucks where David doesn't know the employees as well, plus he wasn't wearing quite as impressive of an outfit.  It was a yummy trip.

Fun, too, because Christian noticed airplanes for the first time.

Don't you wonder what he's thinking?

Tuesday was a most wonderful of days, as you can see by that giant raspberry white chocolate cheesecake from Claim Jumper.  Probably one of the best foods on the entire planet, and as far as I know, not dairy free. 

Birthday twins:

Hopefully little Christian will be OK with the dairy (and if I'm going to admit it, a tiny bit of gluten) overload.  He seems fine so far and dairy flushes out of your system pretty quickly.  He should be good. 

I will feel bad if he breaks out and it's because I kind of chose cheesecake over him.

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