12 May 2012

We Love Sunshine

For the past several days Daphne has been asking every 5 minutes if we can go outside and swim.

I told her we have to wait until it's warm, so then her question changed to "is it warm out yet?"  And since I had actually acknowledged her swim question she began asking about the warmth every 2.5 minutes.   I'm sure that I am not exaggerating. 

Sunday it will be warm, I told her.  Or maybe Saturday.

She was so happy when I put her in her swimsuit this morning.  We found a tiny pool that looked good for Christian to splash in so David got it blown it up for them. I tried and tried to blow it up and then David came and did it in like 2 seconds.  He's so handy to have around.

The pool directions said not to blow up the pool until you have it in the location where you will fill it with water, because once it's blown up you may have difficulty moving it.  Oops. 

The pool is less like a pool and more like a puddle, but Daphne spent hours this afternoon sitting in the middle of it.  Maybe tomorrow we'll go real wild and get out the 'big' pool.

Christian seemed unimpressed with his first pool experience.  He may like it better when he gets to actually go in it.

Maybe tomorrow.

1 comment:

Nutty Mom said...

Aw look Christian has a tiny bit of chub on him!!! SO cute.

LOVE Daphne's swimsuit. Very very sweet!