29 May 2012

She Made It

Daphne may wear me out on a daily basis, but there are times when I am grateful for her spunk and tough spirit.

She really doesn't mind going to the doctor and this morning was no exception to that.  Once we were there she just took it all in stride and never even gave a whimper.  It helps that a numbing lotion was on her hands for about an hour before she got her IV in, and that her sedation nurse was wonderful and gave her her own syringe so she could shoot water onto Daddy.  And of course her bed had a TV right next to it.

Hospitals these days; they make it almost too easy.

(Kidding.  I realize she wasn't having a heart transplant or anything.)

When the results of her MRI come back we'll get to decide what the next step is with her little feet.

Hopefully it's something amazing because I am ready to take the girl shoe shopping.  I am quite skilled in that arena and it's high time she benefit from my talent.  

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The Pitter Pat Boutique said...

So glad to hear that today went well.