03 May 2012


You know how you see photos people have taken of their kids/pets/gardens/etc and they are so beautiful/peaceful/perfect/etc and you wonder why your life isn't like that as well?

(Maybe it's just me.  That's OK.)

The other day I posted a photo of Daphne and Christian peacefully reading a book on the chair.  It looked so sweet and like they must sit there so nicely everyday while I sing songs and bake cookies all day long.  And rainbows and unicorns and butterflies are always at our house.

So to be fair, they sat in that position for maybe 1/2 a second.  Otherwise it was like this:

The entire scene lasted maybe 2 minutes and I never saw any unicorns or rainbows and then Christian wanted to be held and I couldn't put him down for another hour so there were no cookies either. 

But the 1/2 second they sat there was really nice. 

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