30 May 2012

The Avengers Have Taken Over

My favorite conversation with Daphne recently, as we were playing with her Incredible Hulk guy:

Me: "I think Hulk smashes things, right?  That's what Daddy says."

Daphne: "Hulk smashes guys."

Me: "Well, I think he smashes just bad guys."

Daphne, pondering for a moment: "Hulk smashes Becca?"

Me: (A whole bunch of laughing) "BAD GUYS, Daphne, not Becca."

As in my sister, Daphne's aunt.  Poor Becca.   

Anyways, David has passed on his love of comic book characters to Daphne.  Her favorites are Incredible Hulk and Captain America. 

Netflix has the old cartoons so sometimes they watch them together.  Personally I think the Hulk (or is it The Hulk?  I know nothing about these characters) is kind of scary looking so I don't know why Daph loves him so much.  Captain America seems pretty nice.

Christian likes what everyone else is playing with and I don't think he has any Avenger preference.  Anything chewable, I would imagine.


Kelley said...

Wasn't Daphne still under the influence? And I think it was not 'a whole bunch of laughing' but hysterical laughing.

melissa said...

Yes, hysterical laughing is probably a better description.