01 June 2012

Christian: 9 Months

My little C-Bug is SO big.

He weighs 14lbs, 10 oz and wears 3-6 or 6 month clothing.  His shoes are a size 2. 

(OK, so he's not that big.)

He gives huge cheesy grins, laughs hysterically when Daddy tickles him or when he's playing a game of hide-and-seek with Daphne.  He loves to watch Daph be all crazy.

He's up 1-3 times a night.  Some days are good nap days, like yesterday when his two naps totaled two hours.  Some days are bad nap days, like today when his two naps totaled half an hour.  But it's manageable and I'm OK with it.  It's far better than his first 7 months and I am not complaining.

He can sit just fine but for some reason he really doesn't like to.  He wants to stand or fling himself all around.  He likes to play on the floor for a few minutes at a time but never stays in one place for very long. His crawling is delightful to watch.

His little body is continuing to heal nicely but we still can't eat dairy, wheat and gluten, eggs, nuts, soy and a few other random things.  I miss dairy, eggs and peanut butter a lot.  You can make a lot of dairy free things, or wheat free things, or egg free things...but combining the three is challenging at times.  And sometimes peanut butter can make it all better, unless you can't have peanut butter.  Then it's not better. 

He is a much pickier eater than his big sister was.  If the tray of food that I serve him does not look to his satisfaction (meaning it doesn't have a banana or meat on it) he keeps his hands up in the air and looks at me like he can't believe I would even try to liven up his palate.  Then he starts to grunt and fuss and arch his back until the proper food is served to him.  He eats a lot of meat with some banana and the occasional sweet potato thrown in.  Oh, and I made some gluten/dairy/egg free oat muffins the other day that he loved.  Good thing food is "fun 'til one," as the saying goes.  We'll worry about a balanced diet later.

He likes to play on the floor near Daphne although we're having some toy sharing issues.  You know how it is: he grabs a toy and suddenly that very toy is the one Daphne suddenly, absolutely needs.  Strange how that is.  

9 months is a good month.  He still loves me the most but is better about other people holding him.  I can put him down and he doesn't have a heart attack.  He understand lots of words and gives a good grunt when he hears a word he likes (like 'eat').  He loves kisses and being outside and snuggling with me before bedtime. 

His cheeks are delicious and I love his baby smell. 

If he wanted to pause at this age for just a bit longer, I would be OK with that.


(Do you like how he NEVER smiles for his monthly photo?  His 3 month photo is the closest, otherwise he looks at me earnestly and whimpers, if not all-out cries.  A bit of his personality shines through, though, as he just lays there and takes it.  No huge fits or trying to escape.  Just accepting that sometimes Mom makes you lie in a laundry basket and you might as well go with it.  Even if you have to give yourself a big hig in order to make it through.  Sweet kid.)

Some month 9 outtake for your viewing pleasure (since this post isn't long enough).


Kelley said...

He is looking more like the 'got some fat on him' three month old! As you can't have dairy there is no reason for us to milk a cow.

melissa said...

We can't have dairy FOR NOW. Give us some time. :)