27 June 2012


Today feels a little like it could be summertime...we went berry picking AND the sun is shining all on the same day. 

Picking strawberries with a preschooler and a baby wasn't exactly the easiest adventure of the year, but it went surprisingly better than I thought.  Daphne loves the berry fields and cried when it was time to go, and as long as I kept Christian supplied with the delicious vegan/gluten free pancakes I had made (this recipe is the best ever!  just as good as regular pancakes), he did pretty well.

We only got about 10lbs (35lbs if you count all that Daphne ate...her container never stayed full for some reason) before Christian reached his maximum sit-by-himself-in-the-field time.  Hopefully I get a chance to get some more, then it's blueberry time, when we need to pick about 5000lbs to last us through the winter.

Soon after this photo was taken, Daphne asked, "wash my hands, Mama, so that I can eat all the strawberries."

Berry season is her favorite.


Nutty Mom said...

Oh I'm so jealous!!! It's too hot here to play outside, much less pick berries. Can you send a few dozen pounds of blueberries our way? LOL my kids would be ever so appreciative, haha.

Looks like Daphne had a blast. I would too! Picking strawberries is so fun.

melissa said...

I feel sad for you and your lack of berries!! We do NOT have the problem of it being too hot! :)

Meeka said...

The boys and I need to do this! Remind me where you go again???