28 June 2012

Spoil Daphne Date

We had the plan of dropping Christian off at Grandma's and taking Daphne berry picking on Tuesday, but it was rainy and gross on Tuesday ("no berry picking in the rain" is my life motto).  Not ones to turn down babysitting, we dropped C off and took Daph on a Spoil Daphne Date.


I appreciate how clean she tries to stay while eating.

Riding the quarter rides at the mall (except they cost many quarters...I went broke letting her ride SEVEN rides):

Spontaneous dancing in front of a large mirror in H&M (she was the only one doing that; David and I did not participate):

Do you see her happy smile in each photo?  That girl was in heaven.  She wasn't even the least bit sad that she didn't get to stay at Grandma's.

I think more one on one time with her is #1 on our list of things to do for the unforeseeable future.

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