25 June 2012

Our Great Canadian Adventure: Traveling

You have probably been missing us on the blog here lately (except probably not, since half the people who read this blog were on the same trip I was on).  Two years ago we went on a vacation so fun we just had to do it again this year.  Same people, but this time we went to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in B.C.

Two great things about the drive up there:

1)  The Ferry.

We crossed from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria B.C. on a ferry ride that was an hour and a half long.  It was the perfect little break to get Christian out of the car for awhile (Daphne drove with my parents) and play some super fun card games with whichever family members happened to be on the same ferry as we were.  And we got to ride with different people both trips, so that was pretty cool.  I think all long car trips should include a ferry ride.  It's like a layover except you're still getting closer to your destination. 

The water on the ride home was quite treacherous*.  It made me realize that I wouldn't do well out at sea and should reevaluate my dream of being a deep sea fisherman**.  I found that if I just concentrated on my card game and did not look out the window I was fine.  It was a good thing there were plenty of people there to play cards with.
Bye bye Canada.  We love you.

*Treacherous in that there were a lot of waves and the boat rocked a lot.  Not really treacherous like we were in danger and people were flying overboard. More of a wimpy kind of treacherous. 

**OK, so I've never really have that dream.  But now experiencing the treacherous ferry ride has made me realize that I should never consider having the dream at all. 

And the #2 great thing about the drive:

2)  Forks, WA

We took the longer way home so we could swing through Forks.

This does not at all make us freaky Twilight stalkers.  It makes us very normal people. 
Bella's truck from the movie

I mean, we were so close to Forks it would be silly not to go there.  

Driving the Olympic Peninsula was absolutely beautiful.  I think it's the most amazing place in all the Pacific NW.  Why does nobody ever talk about it?  Probably because the locals don't want tourists around.  Forks or no, I think everyone should drive up there sometime. 
Hello WA coast!  You are amazing!

You know this was some vacation if I could do a post just on the drive.  I hope you're on the edge of your seats waiting for the rest of the story...

(I just stole that line from Paul Harvey.)

(I just made myself really cool by mentioning Paul Harvey.)

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