02 June 2012

Gettin' His Smile On

Christian and I were participating in a nose-nuzzle-cheek game which he found to be especially hilarious this afternoon.  I don't know when this game will cease to be funny to him, but I hope it's not too soon.

And lest I have two posts in a row about Christian, dear Daphne has been saying some real gems lately.

Like out of the blue she'll say "My name's Daphne and I like to eat."  Or "My name's Daphne and I like to play."  And then she just goes on with whatever she was doing like she didn't just have a word explosion for no apparent reason.

Have I ever mentioned that she's a bit on the feisty side?  Well, the feist ('the feist' totally is a word, Blogger, so no red line, please) really comes out when she is trying to do something a little naughty and we need to do a little correction (like say, getting on the kitchen table and gnawing on a raw potato).  I'll hear her in the next room (hiding because she's mad at me) saying "Mama says 'no no no' but Daphne says 'yes yes yes."

Seriously.  That girl.

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